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From a donor:

Your men just left with both pieces. They were one time almost to the minute and gone almost as fast.

I wanted to just say thank you for everything. We contacted a few other charities that ended up not wanting our items due to our location. We will definitely call you when ever we have items and pass you along to friends and family.

-ERIC, Winnsboro

This shop is clean and fun with great treasures and not to mention great music while you shop. The prices are to shop for!

P.S. Great people run the shop and make your visit fun!


Working with a charity organization myself, I have seen first hand the need of others. I was highly impressed with The Palmetto Thrift Store and their desire to help others who have many heartbreaking needs. Way to go and many blessings!


I have been shopping at this store for over three years now and I love it! I have never seen such an organized thrift store, and I shop alot of thrif stores. Everything is arranged so neat and the entire store is very clean. I can't say enough about this shop. The icing on the cake is that they help local kids with cancer.


I am a single mom of two and lost everything due to a nasty divorce. The thrift store has helped me get back on track with all the different items they sell. The items always look like new and some still have the tags on them. The cheap prices, cleanliness of the store and the wonderful employees have kept me and my children coming back. I would recommend that everyone shop this store before going anywhere else!


I am a father of 3 teenagers that only want to wear the latest styles and brands. I was amazed to find these ALL at Palmetto Thrift Store & Gift Boutique! And the bonus is I still have money left over to buy books, jewelery or handbags for the wife, even clothes for myself!!